Dayrah Outsourcing

The outsourcing division serves many business sector's , it offers many unique solutions to companies that want to grow but without the hassles of the back office. With a well trained staff we offer these services at a high standard to provide and surpass the industry needs and expectations. The services we provide are Delivery, Housekeeping, and HR outsourcing services.

Delivery Outsourcing

Home Delivery in Egypt is one of the most important services many businesses could offer, as many household choose to order-in. With this understanding, the service that we are offering supersedes any other service provider in the market. With a trained staff and experience leader, we are able to provide a tailored package to each specific client. We provide our clients not only with man power but also the option to rent delivery equipment (boxes and pouches).

The personnel that we provide

  • Supervisor
  • Flyer (Delivery Man)
  • Call Center Agent (Male or Female)
  • Packaging Middle Man (Runner)

Housekeeping Outsourcing Services

Cleanliness, comfort, and satisfaction is our commitment to you. So we can provide five-star service by continually researching and implementing the most efficient methods and technologies to client benefit. We recruit and train our staff at all levels to ensure not only excellent service to our customers but also to maintain a highly skilled and motivated team.

The personnel that we offer

  • Stewarding
  • Housekeepers
  • Supervisors

HR Outsourcing

You use HR outsourcing when you need expert help complying with policies and efficiently running your small business. We can connect you with experts who require zero training to immediately jump in and help you with anything from advanced policy development to administrative tasks.

  • Professional employer services
  • Administrative services
  • Payroll Services