About Us

  • At Dayrah Solutions we provide an innovative and efficient service to all our partners. Through our skilled and experienced team we help our partners be ahead of the game and have the competitive edge.

Who we are

  • Dayrah Solutions was created on an idea built by three hospitality experts respectively in their own sectors of the industry. With over 15 years of industry experience they started a company that offers a full circle (Dayrah) service.
  • We at Dayrah Solutions recognize the importance of training and development in the Hospitality industry. We believe that a strong service based philosophy offered by service providers is key to customer satisfaction and business success.
  • The chief purpose of Dayrah Solutions as a service company is to offer fully trained individuals to work with our customers to offer an exceptional high level of service which exceed guest expectations

What We Do

  • Dayrah Solutions is the missing link that our customers and community needs. As such we offer many unique services which fall under the hospitality industry umbrella. Our services are: Outsourcing Services, Training, Consultation, Marketing and Recruitment.


  • Service is a vital part of daily life; exceptional service is what we strive to give our clients. With our different service products and trained experienced staff, we aim to assist our clients to attain exponential growth with their guests through brand loyalty and increased overall profits.


  • Improve hospitality culture and enhance client experience by providing tailored programs aimed at delivering high level professional service, with a variety of front and back of the house services and training.