Consultations Services

Our consultation services are aimed at consults to operations, service providers, and quality assurances to better assist your business grow and develop, in the growing market.

Operation Consultations

This is aimed to assist the client in creating or modifying

  • Sequence of service
  • Menu Planning & Design
  • Call Center Agent (Male or Female)
  • Packaging Middle Man (Runner)

This in turn helps to

  • Fix any internal issues
  • Increases brand equity
  • Home delivery structure
  • Assist increase brand recognition

Marketing Consultation

We assist our clients create, modify, or maintain brand identity by

  • Creating a full brand Manuel
  • Menu designs
  • Seasonal themes
  • Advertising designs and ideas

Service Provider Consultations

This service is aimed toward companies and educational institutions, where we provide to our client’s different service providers for their establishments and act on behalf of the entity to insure that the contractual agreement between the service provider and our clients are upheld to the highest service standards.

Quality Assurance Consultation

Our quality assurance service is carried out by a professional quality assurance team, and with their experience we offer

  • An on-site visit offer on what level the establishment is now, with improvement recommendations.
  • Lab tests on different surfaces and food products to identify high risk areas.